Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our Morning

Today the students used the chrome books to type their monster paragraphs.  Some children have begun their superhero texts.  Students have a list of class created adjectives, a copy of a level four model as well as our class anchor chart to guide them when writing. The focus is on drafting paragraphs which include strong verbs and adjectives so that their writing "comes alive." In Math, the students demonstrated their understanding of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We will be beginning our unit on patterning tomorrow.  The children also completed a "visualization" activity which involved them drawing what they see or hear after listening to some music.  This task was modelled after a character in our story we are reading who feels she can "see" music in certain ways.  Please note your child is bringing home their photos tonight and should you wish to order pictures, they are due November 3rd.  All the information is contained in the package which is going home.

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Learning Goals

  • Language: communicate meaning accurately and engage the interest of the audience (oral communication)
  • Math: read and represent money amounts to $100.00