Monday, 4 January 2016

Our Chilly Monday Morning

It was so nice to see all the smiling faces returning to class on this chilly Monday.  We visited the Learning Commons to exchange our books and read together.  In Math, we are turning our attention to measurement.  We reviewed various units used to measure length which included millimetres, centimetres, decimetres, metres and kilometres.  We also discussed what constitutes appropriate units of measurement (e.g., we would measure the length of our classroom in metres but the length of our notebook in centimetres). In Language Arts, we reflected on what a New Years Resolution is.  Our discussion centred around the idea that it is a promise we make to ourselves to improve or change an area in our lives (e.g., drinking more water to stay hydrated and healthy).  We co-created a list of resolutions and tomorrow the students will use a graphic organizer to generate ideas for this writing assignment. The last part of our morning involved working towards completing the final phase of our app project which is creating multiple choice questions to accompany our games.  Please note that any student who does not finish their questions in class may have to bring this work home.  Regular homework will resume next week.  Some unfinished math work may also be sent home this week. 

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Learning Goals

  • Language: communicate meaning accurately and engage the interest of the audience (oral communication)
  • Math: read and represent money amounts to $100.00