Monday, 18 January 2016

Monday Morning

Our class visited the Learning Commons this morning.  Given that Friday is a PD Day, homework will be due Thursday.  The reading log is optional this week but there is a math sheet to complete.  We will be having a measurement quiz this Thursday.  The students began a review sheet this morning which we corrected together.  We will continue our review tomorrow and students have the option to stay in at morning recess for extra help this week.  For the quiz, students will be asked to demonstrate the ability to calculate the perimeter of rectangles and squares; determine the most appropriate unit of measurement for the lengths of various objects or distances; to measure lengths in mm, cm and dm; and, to convert units of measurement in mm, cm, dm, metres and km (e.g., if a pencil is 6 cm long, how many mm would it be?).

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Learning Goals

  • Language: communicate meaning accurately and engage the interest of the audience (oral communication)
  • Math: read and represent money amounts to $100.00