Monday, 2 November 2015

Monday Morning

This morning, we visited the Learning Commons to read and exchange our books. In Math, we reviewed a pumpkin carving patterning activity that the students began on Friday and shared strategies.  Students were given their weekly homework and we looked at this together.  In Language Arts, the children are finishing their superhero paragraphs. We also spent time on the Smartboard learning about writing conventions such as when to include apostrophes in our writing. Just a reminder that Progress Reports will be going home with your child on Thursday.  A note from the Office outlining interviews will be sent home shortly.  When your child is completing their nightly reading, please encourage them to read aloud to enhance their oral fluency.

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Learning Goals

  • Language: communicate meaning accurately and engage the interest of the audience (oral communication)
  • Math: read and represent money amounts to $100.00