Friday, 21 March 2014


We began our morning by describing Spring using our five senses.  During Religion, the children finished up decorating their posters for our Catholic Character Formation Goal for March (Justice) which are now on display outside of our classroom door to welcome visitors.  As part of our Math Block, the grade four students demonstrated their understanding of the following three type of angles:  acute; right; and, obtuse.  We then turned our attention to determining lines of symmetry.  All concepts were reviewed interactively on the Smartboard before the children had the chance to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts independently. During Language Arts, we discussed how we will work together to develop our "Bump It Up Wall" for Persuasive Writing next week.  The key aspects of this type of writing were reviewed and we read an example of a level four text.  The class watched a video called "Austin's Butterfly" which showed how a student was able to use the descriptive feedback he received to create a butterfly.  We also had a discussion about "purposeful talk" when providing descriptive feedback and the importance of persevering when faced with a challenge.  Thank you to all those who participated in our "Hats For Hope" Day.  Our regular weekly homework will resume on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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Learning Goals

  • Language: communicate meaning accurately and engage the interest of the audience (oral communication)
  • Math: read and represent money amounts to $100.00