Monday, 4 June 2018

This Week

A friendly reminder that tomorrow is our track and field meet (weather permitting), so students are encouraged to come to school prepared to be outside for most of the day.  Packing extra snacks and water, a hat and sunscreen are recommended. There will not be any regular homework assigned this week (just unfinished math if needed).  We will be wrapping up our unit on fractions later this week and students will be given a review sheet for a brief quiz which will take place next Monday.  In Language Arts, we are continuing to learn about key features of news articles and the students will be writing a narrative over the next few weeks. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

This Week

Given that this is Education Week and we have quite a few activities going on in the school during the afternoon, there will not be regular homework going home this week. However, your child may be responsible for finishing math work.  In math, we are continuing to learn about basic units of linear measurement and are practising converting units (e.g., mm to cm, m to cm).  A review sheet will be going home today or tomorrow and there will be a brief assessment in class Friday.  Our focus will then be on 3d geometry.  In language, the students are finishing up their stories about "The Day Gravity Failed" and they will be bringing these home along with a checklist some time next week.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Monday, 30 April 2018

This Week In Grade Four

There will not be a reading log for this week.  Instead, there is a two-sided math sheet which will be due Friday.  In math, we are continuing to expand our understanding of division but are also turning our attention towards learning about the metric system and converting units of measurement.  In language, we will be focusing on writing a humorous fictional story.  Key areas of focus will be on organizing ideas which flow in a logical manner and expressing ideas clearly.  Education Week is approaching and we look forward to welcoming parents to see all the wonderful learning activities taking place in our school.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Our Week Ahead

The children are bringing home their 2D math quiz today to share with you along with a multiplication learning task they completed last week. We are now turning our attention to division. In Language, we are wrapping up poetry soon and will begin looking at newspaper articles and the media.  Please note there is a 4-digit subtraction sheet along with a 2-sided Math and Language sheet which are all due Friday (there will not be a reading log this week).

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

This Week

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a restful and joyful Easter Weekend! Please note there will be a short quiz on multiplication on Thursday (involving word problems). As already stated, students are expected to know times tables up to and including 9 x 9. We have been spending a lot of time in class on multiplication (e.g., learning activities, videos and playing Kahoot).  We will soon be turning our attention to probability.  In Language, we are focusing on writing paragraphs using checklists that focus on basic conventions and are continuing to learn about various types of poetry (e.g., cinquain, limerick, concrete).  Have a great week!

Monday, 26 March 2018

This Week In Grade Four

Good morning! Your child's math quiz will be returned later in the week once all the students have finished writing it (a few students were away). There will not be a reading log this week but a two-sided math sheet focusing on mastering our multiplication facts will be sent home and is due Friday.  In Language, the students will be sharing their "pourquoi tales" and will be learning about various types of poetry.  In Math, we are continuing to learn strategies about multiplication (up to 9x9) and are working towards communicating their understanding using mathematical language. Have a great week!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from March Break!  Your son or daughter only has their reading log to complete for homework this week.  There will be a quiz on 2d geometry this Friday.  The review sheet will be distributed today.  In math, we are turning our attention to mastering our multiplication tables up to 9x9 as well as reviewing word problems involving 4 digit addition and subtraction.  In language arts, our focus will be on finishing up our pourquoi tales, each student is responsible for writing 3 and will be sharing one to choose with the class. Our next unit of study will be poetry which is usually a very popular one.  Have a great rest of the week!

Learning Goals

  • Language: read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of texts using a range of strategies to construct meaning
  • Math: describe, extend and create a variety of numeric and geometric patter