Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Our Week

This week there will not be any regular homework, however, unfinished math or language sheets may be sent home.  A review sheet in the area of measurement will go home later in the week and the quiz will take place next week.  In language, our focus will continue to be on writing persuasive texts that include 5 paragraphs (an introduction, 3 different reasons to back up our main idea and a conclusion). In math, we are continuing to learn about linear measurement and converting units (e.g., mm to cm, km to m).

Monday, 11 February 2019

This Week

Please note that your son or daughter came home with a class list today of everybody's first names in our morning class should they wish to send Valentine Cards in on Thursday.  That is also the day of the grade 6 Cake Raffle (a note went home last week). For homework this week, there is a 2-sided sheet about using quotation marks.  Duo tangs will be returned next week. I was away on Friday and, as such, was not able to mark last weeks homework yet. In Language Arts, we are continuing to learn about how to write a persuasive text.  In Math, our focus for this week remains on measurement. Next week, a review sheet will be sent home and there will be a short quiz towards the end of the week.  Our class is also working towards mastering our four-digit addition and subtraction.  A co-op student who is in grade 11 at Holy Trinity joined started with us today and she will be there to help out in our room for the next few months. Term One Report Cards will be distributed Thursday.

Monday, 4 February 2019

This Week

This week we are celebrating Sweater Day on Thursday, students are asked to wear their favourite warm sweater, bring a toque and slippers if they wish.  On Friday, we will be walking outside around the yard as a school during the morning to get some fresh air and exercise. A math sheet went home today and is due Friday. Please note unfinished work may be sent home throughout the week as well. In Language Arts, students are finishing up their posters promoting active living.  We are turning our attention to persuasive writing and looked at some examples of this type of writing today and also explored its key features (e.g., uses strong verbs).  In Math, we are learning about linear measurement (mm, cm. dm. m, km). The class is also practising four digit addition and subtraction this week.  A friendly reminder to please make sure your child has indoor shoes to wear at all times.

Monday, 21 January 2019

This Week

Please note that a double-sided math sheet in the area of measurement was given out today and will be due Thursday (Friday is a PD Day). Last week's data management quiz will be returned later this week along with a reading comprehension learning task ("Islands") for you to sign. In math, we are turning our attention to reviewing and converting basic units of measurement and will also be working on four digit addition and subtraction.  In language, we are reading short texts and answering questions with the focus being on providing answers in complete sentences and using various reading comprehension strategies we have been learning about (e.g., predicting, inferring). Adding detail to support written answers is also a focus. A friendly reminder that if your son or daughter has brought their shoes home, please be sure they are bringing a pair back to wear at school. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Our Morning This Week

Please note there will be a quiz in the area of data management this Thursday. As such, the homework will consist of a practise sheet and a review sheet that is being sent home today.  The review sheet has a detailed list of what to study.  The students are aware of useful sites we use in class that they may access to study (e.g., khan academy, math is fun or mathfrog).  In Language, we are continuing to work on drafting our new years resolutions in paragraph form with the focus being to add detail to support our ideas and to review basic conventions of grammar.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! So nice to see all the smiling faces this morning and hear about everyone's holidays spent with family and friends.  Please note our regular homework program will resume next Monday.  There may be unfinished Math or Language items sent home this week if needed.  In Language Arts, we explored the difference between a reflection and a resolution and we will spend this week writing about some of ours in paragraph form.  In Math, we are continuing in the area of data management and are learning about double bar graphs.  There will be a quiz towards the end of next week and a review sheet will be sent home next Monday which will detail all the key terms and will include practise questions to prepare the students for this assessment. Just a friendly reminder to please be sure your son or daughter has indoor shoes to wear at school and that they are dressed warmly for January weather.  Have a great week!

Monday, 10 December 2018

This Week

It is hard to believe how quickly this month seems to be going by! Please note that instead of our regular homework this week, the students are being asked to practise for our Christmas Concert (the music video was shared with them via email last week).  We are enjoying practising our dance with our friends from the other grade four class.  On the day of the concert, students are asked to simply wear a dark colour shirt and pants, either a Santa hat or toque and a long necklace or chain (if they have one). Today, we celebrated the beginning of week 2 in the Advent Season.  In Language, we looked at the characteristics that make up a fictional story and read a funny tale from Literacy In Action, while reviewing the key features  (e.g., there are often illustrations). We discussed the importance of using various reading comprehension strategies (e.g., inferring or "reading between the lines") to help us make meaning of what we read.  In Math, our focus is deepening our understanding of how to collect, organize and understand data that is collected. We looked at bar graphs today and discussed what we can learn about the findings by asking questions about what we see.

Learning Goals

  • Language Arts: Demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts by identifying important ideas and some supporting details (e.g., retell a story giving details about specific elements of the text such as setting, characters and theme)
  • Math: Estimate, measure, and record length, height, and distance using standard units (e.g., mm, cm, m, km).